Can a car be reposed for lack of insurance in ga’?


Should a car insurance company pack your gas tank if your wreck caused a gas leak and you had a total tank to begin with?

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Yes, and they will wash the windows, top off your fluids, vaccum out your car, and substitute your wipers, granted that the accident wasnt your fault.

Is it legal to eliminate someone else’s car in order to repose the decent vehicle in Texas?

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Yes. It would constitute a breach of peace, and possible other civil and/or criminal charges.

What is the average cost to operate a car in Burlington Vermont including gas maintenance and insurance?

Now come on. That would depend on the car, average miles driven, driving record, how you drive, time of year, etc, etc. A Toyota Pirus would cost way less than a Cadillac Escalade. So how can you actually expect an reaction. ResponseI didn’t ask the question, but that wasn’t a useful asnwer. Any idea what the range is? Let’s say someone has a flawless driving record and has a used Toyota Corolla that’s 8 years old with 80,000 miles on it. What’s the ballpark cost for insurance? I’m from NY and I assume rates are much lower in Vermont. If you don’t know the reaction for this particular hypothetical, please provide info you do know for your own car, since readers can make educated guesses based on that. Thanks! ResponseThe average in the US is often shown to be around $8,000/year. That clearly uses different assumptions than the link below, which shows Vermont to be the 35th most expensive state to drive a car in at $Two,954/year. In Burlington, you may have lower than average gas costs because you’d very likely drive less than in other parts of the state. But as the others said, it varies greatly. https://origin.bankrate.com/finance/auto/car-ownership-costs-by-state.aspx

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Can you legally stir out at 17 in Georgia if you pay your mother rent gas in your-her car insurance in your car all your senior stuff insurance on your car?

If she gives you permission, you can stir out. However, you won’t be able to sign a lease until you’re Eighteen.

Can a car lot reposed an automobile if its been seized by the police?

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yes the car lot has all the rights because until the car is paid in total it is still titles to the car lot the impound lot will have to turn the car over to the repo man or repo man can file charges

You cant purchase another car because you are still on your ex-husbands car loan as co-signer do you have the right to take his car if the late payments and lack of insurance are affecting your credit?

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Unless you have a stipulation in your divorce decree regarding responsibility for the loan, you are stuck until the loan is paid off. The only one who can repossess the car is the company who holds the loan, but the amount owed would still be outstanding. You could see if you could get him to refinance the loan on his own…I am not sure about your liability if the car is totalled without insurance to cover it. Meantime, pay all of your bills and work on getting your credit into form. If you can save money to pay cash for a car “for now,” that would help you for the brief term.

What happens to a person at fault for a car accident with no insurance if it is not their car in GA?

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Each state has it’s own reglations, However in most states, If you turn down to pay for the harm you caused in the accident, your license will be suspended until such time as you determine pay for the damages you caused, or in some states for Ten years, whichever comes very first.

Do I have to keep paying for a car that has been reposed by a bank if I capitulate it to the bank in which is carring the loan?

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The bank will sell the vechile, u will be responsible for the difference inbetween what they sell it for and what you owe . plus any interest and penalties.

My car was reposed and the person that has the car said you have to give them 25 dollars for your belongings can they do that?

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Yes. They generally charge a DAILY fee for storage of private belongings. (Florida)

Can someone get arrested for not letting their car get reposed?

Yes. The response is NO. No one can be arrested for not letting their car get repoed or repossessed. Call Toll Free (800) 827-4853 visit http://cardebtso­l­utions.com DO NOT VOLUNTARY Give up YOUR CAR! CALL US NOW! (800) 827-4853 Behind on Car Payments? Do you owe more than the car is worth? Can’t Sell Your Car No Title? We Can Sell Your Car Even If You Owe More Then It’s Worth. We Can Help You Sell Your Car Even if You Are Behind On Car Payments! If you don’t act quickly, you will lose everythingyou have already invested in the vehicle… WE HAVE HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO WERE BEHIND ON THEIR CAR LOANS OR LEASE We specialize in negotiating with all types of Automotive Financial Lenders, “Banks, Credit Unions, In house financiers & etc.” Please Visit Website For Much More Information At: cardebtsolutions­.­com CAR DEBT SOLUTIONS (800) 827-4853

What legal measures does company have to do before reposing a car in al?

The car company has to provide all the necessary notices before itcan repossess a car. Also, the company has to go after the properprocedure, and avoid any deeds that harass the car proprietor.

What happens when your car is reposed?

re-possesion is just that the dealer or finance company takes possesion of the security item for the debt….it is sold and any loss is reported on the credit report .they always have a loss .

Can a car be reposed for lack of insurance in ga'?

Can anyone reposes cars?

Yes, your car can be repossessed by a company if you are behind onpayments. However, it has to be a licensed repossess to be able todo this.

How long does a company have to collect on a reposed car?

As long as it takes to either get the car back or to be paid what is owed. The one who defaulted on the car loan is not the proprietor … unless one has the clear title to any vehicle, they are not the legal holder … registered possessor, yes, but not the legal one.

Can a Fresh York city marshal repose a car that has bank as the lien holder?

yes they can and they do , they actually sell these cars in an auction if they are never picked up. they only state the car has a lien before the car is sold… peoplethat usually buy these cars get them reposesed by the banks. so is a waste of money, to buy any of these vehicles…

I have a Chevy Impala 2001 Three.4L. i has a code P0300. the car does not run well and feels like it lacks of gas. what does the code mean thank you?

its your fuel pump check the pressure if its low at all it will make your car act like that

What is the statute of limitations on collecting the debt on a reposed car in Alabama?

Most states have no statue of limitations on this. Contact your state attorney general for advice.

Can a co-signer call call the loan company to reposed your car?

yes they can call and take such activity with the loan company that the loan company can then determine to take your car or call in the loan for total payment

How late on payments do you have to be before banks reposes a car?

1 day legally, after that it’s whatever the lender wants to do. They will trick you, lie to you and send out a repossession order with telling you! If You’re Behind On Your Car Payment, Facing Auto Repossession “Repo”, Attempting To Sell Your Car, No Title… CAR DEBT SOLUTIONS WILL BUY YOUR CAR TODAY!! CASH!! visit us at: car debt solutions dot com or call toll free: (800) 827-4853Contact Us At: (800) 827-4853 or visit http://cardebtsolutions.comDon’t Wait Until It’s Too Late and Your Car Get Taken Call Us and We Will Buy it Today For Cash… We Have Helped Thousand of People… so If You Owe More then Your Car is worth, Upside Down or Under Water on Your Car Loan Call Us Before You Lose ItCAR DEBT SOLUTIONS visit our website for more Info: Toll Free: (800) 827-4853 website: http://cardebtsolutions.comWe Have Locations All Over North America

Can tow truck reposes your car on private property?

yes…they just can’t break into a gated driveway or garage…and if they come -JUMP IN YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!! they are legally not permitted to touch you. If they do you can sue!!!! its called breach of peace…they cannot take your car violently…hope this helps…just pay your bill..i just got repo’d and it deep-throats BAD…. 🙁 i just wish i knew about the breach of peach law before!!! i would have been suspending on to my car for dear life!!!!!

Can you hide a car from being reposed?

Well, no. If the car is registered in your name, they will know you own it regardless of wether or not they can find it. If you hide it from them, they will simply file a lawsuit against you for the value of the car. And they will win..

Can you get your car back once it has been reposed?

The regulations will vary by state. Typically you have a certain number of days in which to come up with all of the missed payments and repossession charges. After that time the car will likely go to auction or be put up for sale by the creditor..

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If you call the creditor they should provide you with that information. Otherwise call a bank or credit union in your area to find out how long you have to get it back..
Good luck.

Can a hospital discharge you because lack of insurance?

It depends on where you are. Most will not however, as they have a duty to care for any patient placed in their care.

Can a 17 year old get their own car insurance in ga?

No. An insurance policy is a kind ofcontract , and a contract cannot be enforced against aminor . An insurance company would be foolish to issue a policy whose conditions could not be enforced.

What if your car was repossessed due to lack of insurance yet was insured at time of repossession?

Vehicles cannot legally be “repossessed” due to a lack of insurance. Re-possession can occur only when there is a default in the payment contract and the original possessor (the lender) recovers their property from the defaulter.

Can a car be reposed for lack of insurance in ga'?

What happen when the car is not reposed after bankruptcy?

Nothing, but my advise to you is that if your bank rupt you should sell the car

Do you half to have insurance card in your car in the state of ga?

Yes you have to have proof of insurance. Another reaction: It is required by law if you are a resident of Georgia. A non resident can have it on his person.

In Wisconsin how do you get a reposed car back?

If the car has been auctioned off after you got notice of the auction and how much you needed to pay to get it back, you can’t get it back. If you are fortunate, you may be able to get some of your individual property from the car back. If it has not been auctioned, you can pay the amount owed or file bankruptcy.

Due to lack of insurance can the place where you finance your car switch your payment?

Yes they can add coverage to protect the finance company. It is usually more expensive than having insurance from an agent.

Do you have to have car to get insurance?

No, you can get a named insured policy that just covers you and possible vehicles you may drive.

How can you check to see if your car been reposed?

You can tell if a car is reposed by eyeing if it is just sitting there. Reposed just means: The act of resting or the state of being at rest.

When can you get insurance on your car?

Hi, When you buy a car you have to do an insurance very first. So thatyou can’t face any problem in future. Nowadays, there are so manyinsurance companies available. But you have to choose the best onewho provides you best policy. I know a company My Money Comparison,which help consumers to compare a broad range of products &services to enable them to make more informed decisions based ontheir individual circumstances & budget. Thanks.

What if your car got reposed and you filed bankruptcy do i have to pay storage charges to the repo company?

Typically, when a car is reposed the financing company is responsible for all fees incurred in repossessing your vehicle. If you added the reposed vehicle in your bankruptcy and it was discharged with your other debts, you owe nothing to the bank or any of its’ subcontractors. It is the financing company’s responsibility only to pay its clients. If the repo. company is harassing you for the storage charges they are out of line. They must seek restitution from the financing company only. If they proceed to call and pursue, call your local attorney general and state government banking association to file a complaint against the repo company and the bank. After a bankruptcy is discharged it is illegal for a creditor to call you for any financial restitution of a federally discharged debt.

What if your car was reposed after filing a chapter 13 dont you get it back?

If the Chapter 13 was filed before the car was sold at auction, you should get it back. Otherwise, it’s too late.

How long do have to pay once your car is reposed?

The bill is due instantly after the finance company sells the vehicle and totals the cost of reposession.

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How would I know if my car is to be reposed?

when a sheriff knocks on your door and is armed with a court order to distraint your car

Will your furniture get reposed if you abandon paying on it since Lacks filed bankruptcy?

Yes – they did mine and filed a lawsuit. The furniture was picked up and I was served with papers. However, check your papers cautiously. They had a major mistake in mine. They filed in the wrong county which is a disturbance of the Fair Debt Collection Act. I had to hire a lawyer that counter sued. The suit was dropped and Lacks had to repair my credit report. But Im still out my furniture and the money for the lawyer.

Can a car be reposed for lack of insurance in ga'?

Can a repo man reject to give you your private items out of a reposed car?

i dont know but i do believe they usually let you take out your items

When do you have to have car insurance?

If you are driving a car or have it parked on a public street or parking lot then it must have insurance

How do you get your car back if it was reposed in Georgia?

it is very effortless to get your car back! Contact CarLoanHelp.Org . Car Help USA, LLC will help you get your car back from repo, stop repossession (in the future), lower car payments, lower interest rates, and will get you caught up on the payments you were behind.

Can a car be impounded for lack of insurance?

Financial ResponsibilityYes. In the interest of Public Safety and enforcement of our Financial responsibility to others when at fault in a Motor Vehicle accident, most if not all of the United States have by now enacted law that permits the state to impound vehicles found to be operated by uninsured drivers on public roads. ReactionMaybe—-The key words to the response above are: “found to be operated by uninsured drivers on public roads.” In Texas the cops have plate readers that can detect if the car has insurance as they pass them on the roads. In Wisconsin (one of the last states for this requirement), something has to happen. You are pulled over with no proof of insurance and some other disturbance. Car can be impounded for no insurance tho’ for some other occurrence that caused the cop to believe it was uninsured. Don’t even believe (even however it is used as a public safety situation used-the law), that is a plane out lie, because the minimum liability coverage required by the state won’t normally cover your medical and attorney bills. If you get hit by someone with minimum state required coverage. Texas just raised the limit last year to $60K. Statistics say one out of four is uninsured in Texas. So the law works well doesn’t it? All one needs to do is go after the money when it comes to impound. Who gets a kickback an sets the fees for the impound? States and local municipalities. Who makes the laws? The states. Who is one of the fattest lobbyists? Insurance companies. Who fines you for not having insurance? The states. So can your car be impounded for not having insurance? Technically, your car can be impounded for just about anything and it is up to the cop’s discretion as to what he/she is writing ticket’s for. Now, if your insurance has lapsed on the car, depends on the cop. Technically, he can have it impounded, or he/she can write a ticket for no proof of insurance and you can go to court showcasing them you do have insurance on the vehicle and the ticket is commonly forgiven and discharged. There is no set reaction here. Were there other mitigating factors that spurred you question, like driving under revocation or suspension? I have very uncommonly seen where the car was impounded just because proof of insurance was not shown. There is usually more to it than not just having insurance. Was there an accident involved? Unlike the very first person that answered your question, I am a little more cynical and find there were other factors involve that did not get mentioned.

Can a dealer hold your car if it was reposed for insurance reasons and the issue is resolved?

Why would they want to hold it? Perhaps you owe them for towing and/or storage fees for the time that it was reposed.

Can a car be reposed if you owe less than 1000?

Car CAN be repo’d even if you owe $1. Whether or not it does get repo’d is up to the lienholder.

What causes a car to lack fuel?

If it lacks fuel then someone didn’t put any in the tank. If it lacks fuel pressure then it could be a bad pump, fuel filter stopped up or a bad fuel pump relay.

Can your car be repossessed due to lack of insurance?

No, but it can be impounded by the police. Lack of insurance is a crime, generally a misdemeanor, but if the degree is severe enough the police can impound it as evidence in a criminal case. To get your car back, you would need to provide proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license for the proprietor of the car and the insurance, and pay the fine for the crime as well as the storage fees for the car while it was in the impound lot. Repossession is done when you have failed to pay on the car loan. In essence, a car loan is a secured loan – if you don’t pay the money, the loaning institution can take the car and sell it to pay off the loan.

What type of legal act can be taken if your car is reposed?

If the creditor and repo agency did their thing by the book, you indeed have no legal recourse. As long as the creditor holds the lien on the vehicle, it belongs to them, and they have a legal and strapping right to reclaim it when you fail to make your payments. Besides, if you attempted taking legal act, the judge would most likely chastize you for your inability to make your payments in spite of being able to afford a lawyer, then throw the case out.

Can lender reposses car or lack of insurance?

Yes, if you don’t have utter coverage insurance the collateral is in jeopardy. In other words if you were to total your car the lender has no collateral.

Where do you take your car to voluntarily reposes it?

You call the finance company and state your intent to them. Either they’ll send a recovery agent to repossess it, or you might be able to take it to the repossessing agent.

Where can one purchase car insurance in Valdosta GA?

There are many different options for car insurance in Valdosta. Insurance companies that are available are: Allstate Insurance, Farm Bureau Insurance, Mercury Insurance and Kelly Insurance Agency.

How many payments do you have to catch up to get a reposed car back?

This will depend entirely on the bank or lending institution youborrowed the money from. You may also be liable for fees related tothe reposession, such as towing and storage. The best advice is tocall the people you borrowed the money from or the dealer thatfinanced the vehicle, explain your situation, and hope for thebest. Most of all, BE Veritable – such people have heard every excusein the book, and liars are effortless to spot. Be fair in all respects.

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