Does your car insurance company need to know your Eighteen year old son lives with you?

Does your car insurance company need to know your Eighteen year old son lives with you?It depends on the terms of your contract. In the UK, generally, you
do not need to inform them unless the Eighteen year old is going to drive

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the car.

Can a parent be held liable for a 21 year old son involved in a car accident without insurance and living at home for about 6 weeks in inbetween moves?

As long as it wasn’t your car involved, you would not be held liable for anything. He is 21. That makes him wholly responsible for his deeds.

If your Eighteen year old unlicensed son drives an insured car with the holder’s permission and an accident occurs does their insurance cover it and what is your liability since he is Legal you live in CA?

Response .
The insurance policy on the vehicle should still apply. Since the person responsible for the accident is Legitimate the liability should end with the Legitimate year old but I am not a lawyer and don’t live in CA so I can’t say for sure that I am accurate.

Can a Legitimate year old get cheap car insurance if her parents do not drive?

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The reaction: No. Insurance is not cheap to any youthful driver. Not being on a parents policy can be more expensive as well.

Can your 17 year old son buy car insurance you are his father and disabled and does not drive?

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Yes, you should have no problem getting a vehicle insured for your son. Presumably Dad wields the car but the son is the primary driver and Dad doesn’t drive. This is not an uncommon situation.

What happens if your Legal year old son who is on your insurance rear-ended another car no one was injured and the other car is driveable but yours is not?

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ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a police report. People often claim OTHER, unrelated damages when there is no police report. It’s better to just face up to your mistakes and get the decent documentation. It will be far better off in the long run.

Can an 18-year-old get auto insurance without possessing the car?

This question is a little confusing. You specifically state “the” car, so there must be a specific car that you drive on a fairly regular basis??? Otherwise, I will response as however you don’t own any car, and you don’t have a specific car that is available for your regular use. A Bond is one method of being ‘insured’ while you drive “A” vehicle. They are available from numerous carriers. Not all carriers provide this; it is reserved for high risk drivers and some carriers provide no products at all for ‘non standard’ drivers. It doesn’t insure you in any particularly car; rather, it goes after the bondholder. Another product, available in SOME states and only by SOME carriers, is a “Non Possessed Auto Insurance Policy”. It will provide an actual policy with policy language much like a regular auto policy, except that it will act much like the bond mentioned above. It covers the driver and not a specific automobile.

Is your 18-year-old grandson covered by State Farm insurance if he drives your car?

Your grandson is covered to drive your vehicle if he meets the following criteria: He is fully licensed He does NOT reside in your household, He has been given voiced consent at all times to drive the said vehicle by the proprietor/insured person.

Your Legal year old daughter wants to get her driver’s license but doesn’t have a car How much will your car insurance go up if you add her to your insurance or does she need to be added to be covered?

this will depend on how long you yourself have been driving and what type of car you have. i am sure you yourself needs to have a clean licence and have had a licence for three years before you can legally take a learner driver out in the car. i myself am a learner driver and my playmate didnt pay any extra on his insurance to get myself added but i am a lot older than your daughter, you can always check for free on the car insurance web sites.

What is the average car insurance for an Legal year old female with no tickets or accidents?

There is no average, you will need to contact an agent for a quote there are too many variables in rating. i recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from ifferent companies: mycheapinsurance.net

Should my Legal year old daughter get her own car insurance or should I put her on our car insurance we live in CA?

Unless you drive a luxury vehicle with comprehensive and collision coverage and your daughter is driving an old beater with just liability, it will likely be cheaper to add her and her car to your policy, assuming you live together. Contact your insurance agent for a quote on both scripts to be sure..
If your daughter is still a dependent on your taxes or you have an ownership interest in her car, be cautious as you still could be found liable for any harm she causes, regardless of if she has her own insurance or not.

Can a Legitimate year old female get her own car insurance?

As long as she wields the car, has a license, and can afford the insurance she can buy it.

How much does car insurance cost for an 18-year-old?

There is no set price for car insurance for an Legitimate year old. Theamount will be determined by the car insurance company, and theperson’s driving record.

Does your car insurance company need to know your Eighteen year old son lives with you?

How can I drop my Legitimate year old son from auto insurance policy?

Reaction from a General Agent .
Yes, You can drop anyone from coverage on your Auto insurance policy regardless of age or relationship..
Contact your Insurer or your Insurance Agent and have him eliminated from your policy. You may also need to sign a form 515A to have the driver excluded by name. Many Insurers will “Falsely” claim that you cannot eliminate a child or other household residents from your policy but just be persistent. If your insurer denies to liquidate or exclude the driver then they are likely attempting to gouge you for extra premium and you should contact another insurer.

Should you put your Eighteen year old son on your car insurance or would it be best for him to get his own policy?

If he resides in your home or at a college dorm….Depends on his driving practice. If he has a clean record, maintains a high grade point average, it may be beneficial to add him to your policy as a driver to his own vehicle. Most preferred companies suggest a substantial discount for good students. All vehicles would also receive a multi-car discount, and he would be covered with the same thresholds of liability that you carry. If he is a total time student (even thru college years), he is still considered a dependent in the eyes of the law. Therefore, if he is at-fault in an accident, the injured party could still come after you as the parents. Having higher liability thresholds would be in your best interest under those circumstances. IMHO

Is there a company who will hire out cars to an Legitimate year old in the UK?

The mimimum age is 21 years for puny cars and 25 years for anything else.

I need help my Eighteen year old son is obsessed with a junior dame?

Obsession! .
Yes, to be Eighteen years old and be obsessed with a junior doll is fairly normal. Even however you do not indicate the age of the junior lady, I must assume that this doll is an adolescent (14-18 years old)..
But I can understand your concern as a mother ( or if you are the father) : pregnancy. The best advice I can give you is, that you – preferably the father – talk to your son and lay out the consequences of a sexual encounter with this chick and lay them out in excellent detail. In the end, an Legitimate year old, will make his own decision but, as parents, you should advise him of the possible consequences of this relationship..
Beyond this, there is little you can do.

Can an Legal year old get car insurance?

If you own a car and have a valid drivers license than you can get insurance at any age, even Eighteen. You will pay fairly a bit for insurance if you don’t have any older drivers on the policy tho’ so it is usually cheaper to stay on a parents policy until you’re married or you have Three years of driving practice.

Do you have to permit your Eighteen year old son to live in your home?

No. Bags on the porch and bye bye..
Without knowing which country you live in it’s hard to know what the law is for you and your family. Where I live you are only legally permitted to “make your children leave” (if they don’t seem to want to on their own), when they reach 31 years of age! If your son is causing major problems within the family and is not abiding by your rules etc, then you can most likely make him leave but it may need to go through the authorities. If he’s doing no harm at all, then legally you can’t make him go.

How old do you need to be to get car insurance?

Most insurance companies require a person to be Legitimate years old in order to purchase automobile insurance. The reason for this is that the insurance application along with the policy make up a legal contract inbetween the policyholder and the insurance company. A person who is not yet Eighteen is not a legal adult and therefore is not legally able to sign such a contract.

Legal year olds very first car what will insurance cost for just liability in nys?

Depends on the type of car, GPA of the driver, driving record of driver (if any), whether or not they are independent or on a family multi-car policy, etc. You’ll need to get a private reaction, as there is no general reaction. You can figure it will be pricey, in any case, due to their age.

How much would a Legal year old pay on insurance a month for a sports car?

too much and it varys esspecially if you have a v8 or somthing and they look at your driving record

If Eighteen year old wields car and possesses own car insurance policy and has an accident that exceeds the value of the policy can parents of Legitimate year old be held liable if Legitimate year old lives with them?


If an Legitimate year old son lives with mother at home and has a car accident is the mother responsible for the damages?

Only if it’s her car, or the son was intoxicated by something he obtained from his mother.

If a parent wields a car and only insures Legitimate year old child to drive the car does the 18year old have to live with the parent who possesses the car?

In most places no. But my suggestion is either get a job and car and place of your own orappreciate the fact that your parents are attempting to take care of you. btw Legitimate y/o is not a child, technically.

If your Nineteen year old son lives with you and does not have a license and does not drive your car do you have to put him on your car insurance?

Insurance companies may collect information on all individuals living in your home but the rates will reflect drivers only. Further, most insurance companies will require all licensed drivers in the household be listed as a driver.

Does your car insurance company need to know your Eighteen year old son lives with you?

I need to know if my car is insured?

Just call the insurance company that you paid for the insurance. They can let you know if your still covered. .
If you have not purchased insurance then obviously you are not insured.

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Is my Legal year old son covered under are nationwide utter coverage car insurance?

You should check your policy wording, insurance schedule, proposal (or statement of fact) and certificate to see who is and who isn’t included. .
If in doubt, check with your insurer directly.

How much is car insurance for a Legitimate year old?

It depends what car you get could get say a ford fiesta that ithink is round about Two grand for a 17-18 year old.

What to do when Legitimate year old son not listening?

Your son is going through his typical stage. Every teenage goes through it. Its not fairly the rebellious stage as it is the right for independence. Just lay off him a bit but stress the need to be doing dishes and whatnot. (don’t tell him to clean his room).

What rights does a parent have if an Legitimate year old damsel and her son are living in the house?

It’s unclear as to what “rights” you are asking about. If you wish them out of your home – no law REQUIRES you to furnish housing, etc. to your offspring once they reach the age of adulthood. Since the daughter is an age-emancipated adult, the parent has the right any property holder would have to a ‘renter’ or other person staying in the residence – you can evict them, butyou must go through the decent legal procedures to do so.

Can you put your 17 year old son on your insurance policy if he has his own car and lives in a different state?

Yes, you can add anyone you think will be using the car on a regular basis.

What does every Eighteen year old need to know?

They are now able to legally make bad decisions regarding their health. Look at the people who are your grandparents ages and find the ones who are healthiest and emulate them. The ones who drink, smoke, eat badly or don’t exercise do not do well. Also, realize you are not immortal. The number one killer in your age group is still preventable accidental death like buzzed driving or emulating Jackass stunts.

Does a 17 year old need car insurance in NJ?

Youthfull Driver and InsuranceYes, all drivers are required to carry financial responsibility. There is no exception of law because you are a teenager. You can obtain your own insurance or you or you may be eligible for coverage under your parents or another existing auto policy but you must have coverage. If you are under age, due to the limitations of contract law, you will need your parent or other legal guardian to countersign your application for coverage. It is usually cheaper to be added to your parents existing policy. Blessed Motoring. ResponseIn most states, a person must be Legitimate in order to get an unrestricted license. Persons junior than that can often get a learner’s permit and drive under limited circumstances. Infrequently can a 17 year old buy, register, and insure a vehicle. All of that said, if the minor will drive, for example, a parent’s car, and has a learner’s permit, he/she must be added to the parent’s auto policy in order for the coverage to apply to the minor’s use. Likewise, in order for coverage to apply, the minor must adhere to the limitations on driving that attend a learner’s permit or similar restricted license.

Do you need insurance to drive sons car?

Yes. The vehicle must be insured. This is not to say that you have to carry a separate policy. As long as your son have coverage you can be added as a driver on his policy and it very likely will not cost anything to add you as long as you have a clean driving record. The policy must be in name of the person who possesses the vehicle. This is very significant. Insurance laws vary from state to state so you want to verify that no extra requirements exist in your state.

Can your car insurance force you to put your Eighteen year old daughter on all of your cars?

Yes, all scheduled drivers are assumed to have access to any of your covered vehicles and coverage is afforded regardless of which of your scheduled vehicles they are driving on any given day. All drivers on your insurance policy are automatically covered to drive all of the vehicles listed on your policy. Insurance companies don’t insure you or your other scheduled drivers to drive only one of your scheduled vehicles. This is because as a permitted driver they are assumed to have access to any of the scheduled vehicles when needed. Even however each of your covered drivers may primarily drive a particular vehicle, they will need to drive one of the others if their preferred vehicle is inoperable or does not suit their needs on that particular day.

Can your son insure your car with a different company with same definitions?

In most U.S. states anyone can insure a car for liability purposes, But it is unlawful to insure the property of another or property in which one does not have an insurable interest. So, if your son wants to buy total coverage on your car, he would have to list the holder on the policy as well for it to be a legal tying insurance contract. Otherwise, if the vehicle was bruised and the insurance company detects that your son is not the legal possessor, they would be required by law to deny payment for the sustained damages since he is not the possessor.

Do you need separate auto insurance for your 16 year old son or is your current auto insurance good for any driver of your car?

Generally, The least expensive way is to add your son to your existing auto Insurance Policy. Failure to add a known driver to your policy is considered Insurance Fraud by concealment and could subject the insured to cancellation, non renewal and can void all coverage under your policy. Basically any one who has regular access to your vehicle and is not scheduled under the policy is an uninsured driver.

Does your car insurance company need to know your Eighteen year old son lives with you?

How much does car insurance cost for people under Legitimate years old?

The cost of car insurance for someone under the age of Legitimate depends on the persons hookup and prior driving history. If no history exists it will usually range inbetween 150 and 200 dollars. The rate will drop when the person reaches the age of 25.

Are parents liable if their Legal year old son takes their car without them knowing and gets in an accident?

In most States and Provinces, once a person is Eighteen they are legally responsible for civil damages arising from their deeds, and the parents are no longer liable.

What are some cheap car insurance places for a Legal year old unlicensed driver?

You cannot get car insurance if you do not have a license because you cannot legally drive.

How much would an Legitimate year old pay for car insurance?

It depends on the location where you live. Other factors, such as type of car, grades and whether you have other types of insurance with the company may make a difference. Generally, a boy would pay in the ballpark of $200 per month.

Why do insurance company want a 16 year old to get insurance when the car is insured already?

That doesn’t make sense. You may have misunderstood. The 16 year old driver would have to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companies will not even permit a 16 year old to purchase insurance in their name because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy make up a legal contract.

Can you lease a car in your name and have your Eighteen year old son drive it?

Well, yes, but: If you truly mean “lease”, then yes, if there’s nothing in the lease contract that specifically prohibits it. If by “lease” you mean a short-term deal (what would usually be called “renting”) from a place like Avis or Hertz, then no; only those people specifically listed on the contract as authorized drivers are permitted to drive it. Note that the care doesn’t have a sensor and will still physically work no matter who’s driving it, but if there’s an accident, you’ll be on the hook for the replacement value of the car… any insurance you get through the car rental company applies only if the authorized driver was driving at the time.

Is a 35 year old son considered a child and must be added to your car insurance if he lives with you?

If he lives in your household he should be listed on your insurance policy. If your son does not live with you but sometimes drives your vehicles he should be listed on your policy and his address should be listed as a secondary garaging address.

What are your responsibilities to your Legitimate year old son if he leaves home to go live with his gf?

If the age of majority in your state or country is Legal, there isnone. The parent is no longer legally responsible for their child.

What car insurance companies take 17 teenage year old drivers in?

Most insurance companies will not sell a policy to a 17 year old. It is also not a good idea to have a vehicle titled in the name of the 17 year old. The reason for these are that an insurance policy is a legal contract and a person 17 years old is not a legal adult and therefore not able to sign a contract. .

Why do insurance companies not suggest cheap car insurance to Legitimate year olds?

Insurance companies usually have higher rates for youthfull drivers due to their lack of practice, lack of responsibility, and the idea that they are more impulsive on the road. Not all teenagers are this way, but the insurance companies have to take care when insuring youthfull drivers.

How do you know which car company you are insurance with?

Gravely, you do not know who you pay your insurance premium to.How about you just look at your proof of insurance card, that youare required to keep in your vehicle at all times, and see whatcompanies name is on that card. Or look at your bank statement andsee who you payed for car insurance.

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Can you liquidate your adult son 25 years old from your car insurance?

As long as he no longer resides in you household or drives your vehicle. Private auto policies state your responsible for notifying the company of anyone who lives in your household or drives your vehicle even from time to time. Some companies will permit you to exclude drivers but you need to be very careful about the exclusion because it means the company will not pay for any claims if the excluded person is driving the car.

What if you let your Legal year old drive your rental car and you have insurance?

That is very likely a disturbance of your rental car contract and youcan get in a lot of trouble for it, especially if something happensto the car. Your insurance company might not cover an unauthorizeddriver on a rental car, and if there is an accident, you would beheld liable for all the costs associated with any harm or injury.

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