Should you file a claim with your car insurance?

Should you file a claim with your car insurance?That’s always a balance inbetween what happened and how much it will
cost you versus how much your rates will increase. If it will be a
large claim, then almost always you should file a claim. If it was
puny, then maybe not… but be sure to consider that even with
puny car accidents, there could be hidden harm, like the

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alignment being thrown off, etc. You might want to get your car
checked out to be sure.

Does a passenger in a car accident have to file a claim with their own insurance company?

When a passenger is injured in an automobile accident, and the driver of the automobile of which he/she is the passenger of, is “at Fault” for the accident, the passenger of that vehicle has the legal right to file a claim against that drivers insurance carrier. If on the other mitt, the driver of the other vehicle is “at fault”, then the passenger of vehicle that is “not at fault”, has the legal right to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance carrier. And whenever there are injuries sustained in an automobile accident, you should contact individual injury attorney or law rock hard to represent you against the filing of your claim against any insurance carrier. “At fault” accidents are not final just because a citation has been issued. When a carrier receives a claim against their company, they will launch their own investigation of the cause of accident, and review the police report, and speak with any independent and passenger witnesses who can provide statements concerning how the accident happened. At the end of the carrier’s investigation, which will also include, taking pictures of both of the vehicles damages, will compile all of the information they get, to attempt to determine at that point, who was at fault. If their insured is determined to be at fault, the carrier will pay the claim for which the passenger has filed against them. If the carrier determines that the other driver was at fault, then the carrier will not pay the claim and deny liability. If this happens, the passengers legal representatives will automatically withdraw their lawsuit filed on your behalf, and file the lawsuit against the other drivers insurance carrier. .
I was in a one car accident where the car ran off the road to avoid hitting something. I was the passenger of the car. If my medical insurance from my job pay for the my hospital bills is the insurance company intitle to pay me back the money even tho’ my insurance covered it .
In the UK – the passenger would make a claim against the driver at fault. This driver would pass the details to his insurer who would indemnify him for the claim made against him. A passenger could not make a claim against his own insurer. To see the process for making a claim in the UK see the related link entitled “motor vehicle accident”.

If you hit a parked car do you file a claim or does the holder file the claim on your insurance?

In most cases, either of you can make the claim. Liability is clear here, so most likely your carrier will take the information from the proprietor of the parked car and go from there. Your carrier would still expect you to cooperate with them as far as verifying the facts-of-loss, etc. There are a few carriers, however, who will only accept claims from the named insured. I’m not sure why, as this puts their insured at risk for being sued by the “injured” party, but most of them will take the information any way they can.

Should you file a claim if someone stole your sunroof and will it make your insurance go up?

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You should determine the costs of substituting the sunroof against your deductible. It may not be covered, anyway, read your policy to find out the terms..

If a car was stolen and insurance denies the claim can the leinholder file against the insurance and collect?

Generally yes, it is called subrogation. Depending upon the circumstances as to WHY to coverage did not apply.

How long after a MVA car accident in NJ do you have to file an insurance claim?

All policys will contain wording like, ‘you must promptly report all claims’ it is never wise to ‘wait’ report the claim instantaneously, you could contact your states dept of insurance to see if there is a legal time limit. There is of course state statues for physical harm, injury etc.

As a passenger in a two car accident can you file a claim with your own insurance company?

I am assuming you mean for an injury and there is coverage on both vehicles involved? If you have medical payperhaps , state laws very. Check with your company. If you mean for the harm to the vehicles I see no way for there to be coverage as a passenger.

Do you file a claim with your insurance company if it is your mistake?

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yes if you are in an accident and especially if you are at fault of an accident, you must file with your insurance company, so your insurance company can cover your damages and or other vehicle involved or pay subrogation request once received from other vehicles ins company, if the other vehicle chose to use their coverage.

If your car was parked next to a construction site during a wind storm and material from the site hit and bruised your car should your rates go up if you file a claim with your own insurance?

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WEll to me i live in ga it should be the constructin site dfault because the material they use that is left unattend should be secure email me back at commanderpc@netcommander.com.
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Personally I would seek restitution directly from the property proprietor of the site or the construction company..
If you choose to file a claim with your insurer, you will have to pay the comprehensive deductible as well, your rates may increase at the end of you term.

If you were in an accident with an insured driver but it was not their car who do you file the claim against?

i believe you can actually file suit against the driver and the proprietor of the vehichle so my lawyer told me

If you had an accident with no other cars involved and filed a claim to insurance with no police report do you have to report this accident to the fresh company if you get different insurance?

Response .
If you don’t the fresh insurance company can cancel your coverage and possibly not cover any of YOUR losses. They might also consider it to be fraud..
Any accident less than $750 isn’t chargeable, but if you packed a claim with another insurance company your fresh company would found out even if you don’t tell them, when they run your MVR which shows your tickets and previous insurance companies and claim paid.

Should you submit an insurance claim if no other car was involved?

Should I Claim?? .
It’s all indeed up to you. I’m assuming you’re asking this in regards to a total coverage policy. Anyhow, get some estimates for your vehicle and compare the estimates to your deductible. If you got a dent and it costs $700 to fix, you might as well pay the entire $700 since the insurance company will only pay out $200 with a $500 deductuble. The possible insurance increase wouldn’t make any sense in that case. If you have the extra cash to pay for a repair bill, you might want to pay for it yourself. Recall, anytime you submit a claim to insurance for damages, you are essentially “billing” them for the repairs, and they might raise your insurance accordingly..
Response .
No. Every time you report an incident to your carrier, their underwriting department records same and will use it to increase your premiums at a later date.

Should you file a claim with your insurance?

Filing a claim: to do or not .
It all depends. I personally only file a claim if it’s going to cost significantly more than my deductible, is worth the effort to fix it, and I’m ready for my insurance premium to increase. If you are careful about how many claims you make and how often, you should be ok. Also, a comprehensive claim on your auto is judged less harshly than a collision claim. Accidents are the largest increase of premium usually. If it’s a towing claim, or a petite (under 1000) comprehensive it’s not too bad..
With homes, the risk is higher to be cancelled at renewal if you put in a claim. Make sure it’s worth the increase of premium for the next Five years. That’s how long a claim stays on a CLUE report. Good Luck! Hope that helped a little!!! 🙂

Should you file a claim with your car insurance?

How long do you have to file a insurance claim from a car accident in Oregon before it is not vaild?

Insurance polices and carriers differ. A person would need tocontact their insurance company to see how long they have to file aclaim. In Oregon, a person has up to Ten years to file a personalinjury lawsuit in court for a car accident.

Can someone file a claim on your car insurance if the accident wasn’t reported to the police?

Sure. People can claim anything. The question is will your insurance pay the claim. Without a police report of the accident, you may be in for a lawsuit. Never ever, have an accident and fail to call the police.

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If you are the registered proprietor of a car and living abroad but your car is insured in the states if a driver on your insurance has an accident can they file a claim or can you file from abroad?

If a person is listed as a driver on someones insurance they canfile a claim themselves. The person living abroad can also initiatea claim on behalf of the driver if they wish too.

Who determines if you can file an insurance claim?

You do. You can always file a claim. The insurance company may not honor the claim and may reject it, but they can’t stop you from filing one.

How do I report a car insurance claim?

call your company and go after prompts. it helps to have all details written down to keep focused. they will get details, then take a recorded statement. have your insurance ard and registration handy, as well as drivers licenseif you are going through their company, it will be pretty similar, but they will have to talk to their customer or have an accident report before accepting liability.

Can you file an insurance claim if your parked unregistered car got hit by a car with insurance?

It is always the at-fault party’s responsiblity to pay for damages they cause in an accident. If you know who hit your car then contact their insurance company and file the claim. If you do not know who did it and you have collision coverage on your car, you can file the claim through your own insurer.

My car was bruised by other car with insurance but the driver was excluded from their policy Can I file claim with my insurance as uninsured motorists?

Depends on your insurer, some companies cover you for uninsured drivers, some don’t. Worst case screenplay, you pay your excess and lose Two years NCD.

If a driver has no insurance but drives a car covered by no fault gets into an accident will the possessor of the car be able to file a claim with his insurance company?

No fault laws refer to injuries only not property harm. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle the harm to your car will be repaired subject to your deductible, unless the driver is excluded from your policy. For the driver’s injuries if he does not own a vehicle then the private injury protection on your policy will cover his injuries, once again subject to any exclusions.

Where do you file a claim to sue for deductible from a car accident involving a car with no insurance with no insurance?

If I understand your question you are attempting to recover a deductible you incurred due to the fault of the other driver who was uninsured? If this is the case it may depend on the state in which you live and what coverage you may or may not carry. If you are from CA, we have what is called UMCDW or uninsured motorist collision deductible waiver, which if you were carrying this type coverage as part of your auto policy, it would pay your deductible if your vehicle were hit by an at fault, identifiable uninsured driver. If you do not have similar coverage on your policy or in your state, you may simply have to file a claim in petite claims court to recover your deductible and good luck. In many cases if you are dealing with an uninsured driver, even if you win judgement you still have to be able to collect it…sometimes the hardest part! In the future you may want to consider a product called CDRP which is a Collision Deductible Reserve Plan to insure your deductible is always available for you when you need to use it. It is a very wise financial stir that can not only save you hundreds if not thousands on your car insurance premiums but would give you peace of mind knowing your deductible is always there when you need it! You can learn more about this incredible product at TheFiveMinuteMove.com .

How do you file a life insurance claim?

Call the insurance company and tell the representative that you want to file a claim. You will be given instructions. You will have to finish a claim form that the insurer provides, and at a minimum, submit a certified copy of the death certificate. The insurer may or may not conduct a further investigation, or request extra documentation.

What to do after car accident for insurance claim?

A nonfaultcar accident claimindicates that theinsured individual does not have to incur any loss. The additionaladvantage is that the policy holder gets reimbursed by the companythat he or she has been a member of.

Should you write in the amount when you are attempting to lodge a claim with a car insurance company?

Yes, you should! It’s called Subrogation request. Keep in mind, you will encouter a lot resistance on the side of the Ins. co. They’ll attempt to suggest you a big Mac and a coke and then send you home. Good luck.

Should you file an accident claim with your insurance company if you were not at fault?

Yes, if only to have your side of the story on record. Do it. At the very least, phone up your insurance company and tell them exactly what happened and get their advice. They will be glad to talk to you on the phone – this might not involve making a claim, but at least they will have a record of your version of events. If you do not do this, then later who knows what kind of skeletons could creep out of the closet – fellow turns up wearing a neck brace etc, and it might be too late for the insurance company to protect you then. AAlways, the other party might lie and you might get an at fault accident record. Always call

Should you file a claim with your car insurance?

Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting harm?

If your lien holder repo’s your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for harm to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it’s not their vehicle.

When should I file an insurance claim against the driver that bruised my property?

Instantaneously, your insurer will then advise you of what further steps are necessary to process your claim

How long do you have to file an insurance claim after an accident?

Each state has different time periods of filing an insurance claim after an accident. Check with you state to make sure you do not miss the filing period.

Can you file a claim with your insurance company if your car is stolen and there is a lien on it?

If you maintained “comprehensive coverage” on the car, absolutely. This differs from collision coverage in that collision coverage is triggered by a physical influence to the vehicle and resulting harm. Comprehensive covers a broader range of occurrences. The lien holder is likely to have required you to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage in order to protect its security interest in the vehicle. That is, the insurance provides some assurance that the lien will be pleased from the insurance proceeds. In that respect, the lien holder likely required that it be named as a “loss payee” on the policy, so any settlement will be paid jointly to you and to it.

Is it possible to ask a car insurance company to stay away from filing a claim?

Assuming that you have collision coverage, you are under no obligation to have your insurer pay for the repairs to your car. You are free to pay for the repairs yourself. If there was another vehicle involved, and you were at fault for the collision, other considerations exist. The other person involved will likely want to assert a claim with your insurer to ensure that damages get covered. However, if you can reach an agreement to pay for the other party’s damages yourself, you may be able to circumvent having a claim filed.

How long do you have to file an insurance claim on your car?

If you are making a claim against another driver’s liability policy, then it will depend on the statute of limitations in your state. The SOL varies from state to state. Some have a long time, like as much as six years. Some are very brief, like only one year. But if you are filing a claim on your own car, you’ll need to look in your policy to see how long you have. It could be as brief as six months.

Does a passenger in a car accident have to file a claim with their own insurance?

Not usually, unless it is for the treatment of some serious and lengthy medical injury for which the auto insurance is insufficient.

Can I file a claim with my auto insurance if my car has mold growth?

If the mold growth is not a result of a covered cause of loss (such as collision or an occurrence provided for by the comprehensive coverage), no. Further, mold ordinarily grows over a long period of time. Since car insurance does not cover your failure to maintain the car and to prevent the mold, the insurer will not cover it.

Lien holders filed a claim on my insurance after they repossessed my car- They told the insurance company that I was in an accident- The truth is I never was. Is this legal?

What they (most likely) told your insurance company is that there was harm to the vehicle when they repossessed it. You should get in touch with the company or your agent and find out how extensive and what kind of harm the lienholder reported. You see, the lienholder might have reported harm you determined you could live with, something you were not aware of, or even something which happened subsequent to them repossessing the vehicle. Find out what the harm is, very first…then work on putting together a defense. If it is nothing more than a cracked windshield, it should not effect your future premiums.

Can you file an insurance claim against both the at fault drivers insurance and the possessor of the car you were driving when the accident accured?

No, The at fault driver in the other vehicle is responsible for your losses. Not the person from who you borowed the car you were driving.

How do you file a claim with Esure Car Insurance?

The very first thing I would do is call your insurance agent. Then I would email them pictures of the harm done to your car. You will be assigned a claim number and a person will call you in a few days to get your side of the story. Then they will contact the other person involved.

How do you file an insurance claim if you have an equity loan?

Your equity loan has no bearing on your capability to file a claim. You just call the insurance company and report the loss.

Should you file a claim with your car insurance?

How do you file an old claim to get the insurance company pay for the car accident?

What do you mean by an “old claim”? How long has it been since the accident? All states have statutes of limitations, which vary inbetween Two and Trio years permitted for a claim to be filed. If it’s been more than the time permitted, you have no claim, unluckily.

How long do you have to file a car insurance claim with Geico?

You should file your car insurance claim with Geico within 24hours. You should always call your insurance company as soon as youpossibly can.

What happens if you file two car insurance claims?

If you’ve had two separate accidents then your rates will go up again. If It’s for the same accident as in attempting to “get paid twice”, it could be automatically declined because that would be Felony Insurance Fraud.

Should a life insurance company notify funeral home when a claim is filed?

In the UK there is no onus on a life insurance company to notify a funeral director of the existence of a life insurance policy, that is a matter for those treating the deceased’s estate.

How do you file a claim against someones car insurance when they hit a house?

you get the insurance info. and have them look at the damange. make shoure you have a police report.

What are the processes of a car insurance claim?

At the scene of the accident, you should exchange contact information with all the parties involved, and it might also be helpful to write down their license plate numbers as well. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies havea 24 hour claim service. The number can be found on your insurance card. Whoever is helping file the claim on the other end of the phone will walk you through this process. Be ready for a phone call from the insurance companies of the other parties. They will call to hear your side of the story. An adjuster will give you an estimate of what the harm is worth. If you think it is not enough you may be able to appeal with your insurance provider.

Where can one file car claims with Nationwide insurance?

You can file car claims with Nationwide by either reporting the claim online at the Nationwide website, calling their claims service at 1-800-421-3535, or by contacting your Nationwide insurance agent.

How does one file an auto insurance claim?

If you need to file an auto insurance claim, you need to embark by contacting your insurance company. It is significant that you have all necessary information when filing a claim. If the claim is due to an accident, be sure to exchange license plate numbers, contact and insurance information with the other party. If a police report is filed, make sure you have the case number. Your insurance agent will then take you through the rest of the process.

How do you file car accident insurance claims?

If one is involved in an auto accident it is significant to file a claim instantly. The process for insurance claims can vary but the general procedures after filing the claim are to schedule an inspection and speak with your adjuster. The adjuster will review the harm, the reports and any witness statements to assist in providing a cost estimate. Once the coverage has been determined the repairs can be done.

Can you wait until after you get insured before filing a claim from an accident that took place before you had car insurance?

No, car insurance is a legally trussing contract that starts on aspecific date and time that is usually listed on the declarationspage. The insurance company will not honor a claim that took placeprior to the policy incepting.

Is filing an insurance claim suing?

No. That is two different issues. Filing a claim is part of a legally cording contract. Filing suit is a civil act in itself.

Is there a deadline for a car insurance claim?

Regulations differ in different states and sometimes with different policies. You need to report claims as soon as they happen so that a company may assign you an adjuster to embark working on the claim in order to finish as quickly as possible to get you paid and back to where you were before the accident. All state regulations have a time limit for making a claim so be sure it is reported in a timely manner.

What is no claim bonus in car insurance?

You pay annual premium on your policy. So, In case of an accidentor harm you don’t have to pay the phat cost of repair. So whathappens when you don’t make any claim on your car insurance,Insurance companies prize you for your good driving abilities, fornot making any claims by providing you a bonus. This bonus is in theform of discount on your premium when you renew your policy. Youcan avail your no claim bonus even if you switch your insurancecompany or your car! There are two cases in your no claim bonus goes away! 1. When you make a claim Two. When you don’t renew your policy within 90 days of it expiring

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