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Can an auto dealership legally give you only Two days to get auto insurance?

Can an auto dealership legally give you only Two days to get auto insurance?Most dealerships will require insurance before you drive off the lot.

How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?

DWI Insurance? You get your auto insurance the same way anyone else would ecxept that since your a “High Risk”, you’ll have to pay more and will most likely have to look around more to find an Insurance Company that will accept you. An reaction from someone who has used the maneuver of setting up a fresh residence, etc., twice because of DWI’s is indeed not a reliable source of information, comitting a ” Felony” fraudoffense is not the way to go. I suggest that you “bite the bullet,” admit your culpability, pay the higher insurance premium from your carrier for the next five years, and swear you will not drink and drive again. Commit Felony Fraud? If you indeed want to drive that bad set up an address in another state or if you have a relative in another state ask them if you can use their address and then give up your license to the DMV in that state assuming it’s not suspended. once you establish an address you just need your license from your state and 6 points of ID which would be SS# birth certificate, passport credit card employee ID those will help. whats gonna happen is that you will give up your old license from your state in exchange for the fresh one in what ever state you determine to do it with. if you have points dont worry about that its illegal for any state to transfer points from state to state.so you will have a fresh begin..Ive done it twice and I live in NJ and I have a NY license and in NJ i had Ten points now i have zero with my NY license LOL… Of course if Caught you may spend some time in prison. Assuming the courts haven’t taken away your license, you’ll need to contact a “high-risk” carrier like Progressive. If you’ve had to file an SR-22, you would give it to the carrier and go from there. It’s going to be very, very pricey, by the way, for about five years. And even after that, your record will most likely keep your premiums pretty high. You take the bus for the next five years. Capitulate LicenseIt’s elementary. Take your license to DMV, tell them you capitulate it and ask for a plain ID card. Stay off public roads at least 7 years. After that, re-apply all over again then the convictions (as long as no deaths resulted) should be totally erased. Then you’ll be able to get insurance through whoever you want. Please stay off the roads!

Instead of buying auto insurance can an individual legally be self insured for their vehicles and if so how do you do that?

It depends on the state you reside in. If permitted you would need to be bonded by having a certain amount of money “locked” in an account that you would have no access to unless you were to insure your vehicle by normal means.

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Can you get auto insurance and use the address if it is only a improvised address?

Response .
In NYS, and I believe many states, the auto insurance must be from the same state as the state where the vehicle is registered.

What formula do auto dealerships use for Gap insurance refunds?

Gap Insurance Refunds .
The reaction depends on the state where Gap was purchased. In many states the refund is calculated pro rata. This means if a cancel is requested in month 30 of a 60-month loan, 50% of the selling price would be refunded..
Perhaps the most popular refund calculation is rule-of-78s. This permits the Gap Insurer to earn more of the premium in the early stages of a loan. For example, in Rule-of-78s calculations the very first month of a 60-month loan is worth approximately Three.28% of the overall price charged (this number would be only 1.66% if pro rata was used)..
Rule-of-78s is often used because it permits the Gap Insurer to more closely align the risk with the earning of premium. Gap exposure is higher early in the loan and decreases as payments are made.

Can you get auto insurance without an auto?

Response It depends on the insurance company. There are some out there where you can get insurance on you to drive any vehicle and be covered, it is normally more expensive that way.

How long can you go with auto insurance before they give a penalty?

Response .
You are subject to a ticket for driving without insurance the moment one wheel of an uninsured vehicle touches the pavement of a public road under it’s own power.

How many days do you have to cancel an auto insurance contract?

Response .
Many companies will only charge you for the exact number of days that an auto policy is active. Others will charge you a cancellation fee.

Can you drive legally without auto insurance?

Reaction .
This is a state law. In Illinois and Texas I know for sure the response is no. If you’re caught, your license will be suspended. What state are you interested in?

How do you get auto insurance?

ResponseVery first you need, a drivers license, a car, and VALID registration. Then, LOTS AND LOTS of phone calls so you can sop around for the best rates, you can go through brokers, (its like a shopping mall for insurance companies), and once you hear some numbers you like (depending on the coverage), you make a down payment, sign several legally required papers, then you;re all set. Attempt this site where you can get quotes from different companiesyourfinance.co.cc

What is auto insurance?

This is insurance which protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Various coverages may be bought depending on the desires of the insured. Such coverages include the liability coverages of bodily injury, property harm, and medical payments, and the physical harm coverages of collision and comprehensive. Auto insurance requirements vary. If you’re not sure what’s required in your home state or country, or you’re moving, educate yourself on your state’s or country’s minimum auto insurance requirements and plan to exceed them. (If you’re involved in a serious accident, carrying the minimum requirements won’t cover your losses!) Auto insurance helps you to protect you and your family against financial loss in the event of an accident or other cause of loss.It covers the injuries and damages caused by an accident and for which you are legally responsible. Answer- Auto insurance is a protection that protects the possessor of vehicle against financial loss if vehicle have accident. It is a contract inbetween vehicle holder and auto insurance company. The vehicle proprietor pays the fix amount of premium to the auto insurance company and in exchange the insurance company pays to the vehicle possessor against loss as mentioned in the insurance policy. There may be various types of auto insurance coverage such as property harm coverage, vehicle assets injury coverage, collision coverage, private injury coverage and more.

Can you get auto insurance if you never had auto insurance?

Yes, you don’t say if you just have never had the NEED forinsurance or drove ‘uninsured’ — for the latter, some companieswill not insure you. But there are many many that will. It is better to ask to the insurance company. You can check outonline for various insurance providers, and they can give youbetter idea.

Is No-fault insurance covered only auto accidents?

Response .
Yes only for Auto, Campers, Motorhomes while on the highwayWhat’s No-Fault Insurance?No-Fault Auto Insurance Coverage pays for each driver’s own injuries and property harm, up to the limit specified in the policy, regardless of who caused the accident. Because No-Fault insurance varies by state, ask your claim representative if this applies to your situation.Ref: Allstate @ https://www.allstate.com/claims/auto-insurance-faqs.aspx

Can an auto dealership legally give you only Two days to get auto insurance?

What do you do with your auto insurance when you sell the auto?

You need to call your insurance company to eliminate the vehicle from your policy. If you are getting a fresh vehicle, you need to add that vehicle on. If you are not getting a fresh vehicle, the insurance company will send you a check for whatever amount of money you had left on the policy that was not earned because you did not have the policy for the total term.

Can the dealership break your auto lease?

If you have met all the requirements of the lease, the response is no. If however you have failed to meet your obligations under the lease, they for sure can cancel the lease. Leasing a vehicle is a very poor decision on your part. Buy a used car that you can actually afford. Leasing is a poor choice.

How do you open an auto-dealership?

If you want to open auto dealership the right way meet a main dealer and purchase vehicles from them that you want to sell. Take price quotes from them. and talk about the business with them.

What is a auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a kind of insurance that helps you cover the costs resulting from a car accident or auto problem. Every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry at least some auto insurance, albeit the exact amount varies by state. There are two basic kinds of auto insurance: insurance that covers very first party harm (which is harm to your car or injuries to people in your car) and insurance that covers third party harm (i.e., harm or injuries to another driver’s car or passengers, or any property you harm in an accident which doesn’t belong to you.) Most insurance policies contain both of these types of coverage.

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What do you have to have for auto insurance?

What is required by law. Usually its liability you have to have. It varies by state how much your required to carry. Answer- You should have good credit score and financial stability ( working in a concern for a long time)

How many days can one legally drive in California after the auto insurance expires?

ZERO. You are required BY LAW to have insurance at ALL times in the state of California. There are absolutely NO grace periods for insurance lapses or expirations of any kind. This is why all insurance policies expire on an EXACT date and time.

If you have only liability auto insurance should your insurance provider help you with a claim settlement against another insurance company after a auto accident?

no – your insurer is under no “obligation” to help you. Best bet is to pursue through puny claims court. if harm is greater than petite claims value – consult an attorney and negotiate a reasonable fee (usually a % of settlement amount and you owe nothing if you lose)

Can you get auto insurance with no auto?

Auto Insurance Without a Car? Yes, You can purchase “Non Owners Insurance” Coverage. Sometimes referred to as “Named Driver Coverage” Drive safe – Buckle Up

Do you have to give someone your insurance information after an auto accident?

Always if in California. Check your local DMV office. But many people do not and the insurance company will figure it out anyway.

Do you have to give someone else auto insurance company your auto insurance information?

Some states do require you to provide it to the other carrier because they need to prove you had valid liability coverage at the time of the accident.

What happens when providing false address information to auto insurance?

Fraud. You must disclose all information that is correct or best to your skill at the time of inception of insurance. If you gave false info to the company to get a batter rate, no only can they deny future claims, but you can be charged with fraud at a felony level.

Is auto Insurance less if vehicle is only driven for pleasure?

It can be, but don’t get caught lie ing as then you will not be able to insure your car.

Can i insure an auto for 30 days?

Yes, unless you are a terrible risk. You might have to pay for 6 months and then cancel your insurance after 30 days, It is unusual to want to insure for just 30 days – talk to a company that has a local agent that you can talk to in person.

Can an auto dealership legally give you only Two days to get auto insurance?

Is there a legal grace period for cancelled auto insurance?

Every state has their own guidelines, consult with a local insurance agent for more information.

Can you make an auto claim with only basic auto insurance?

If your basic auto insurance just covers bodily injury and property harm then you usually cannot. It is meant to protect you from having to pay out when you harm another partied property or cause them injury.

Who is the doll in the general car insurance commercials in the auto dealership?

General Car Insurance has not released a list of credits for theircommercials. DO to that and no one else publicly sharing who she isher name is unknown.

Will Two points affect your auto insurance?

i very doubt itYes it will. I have Two pts and my insurance went up by $1k.

What kind of protection does auto insurance give?

Liability insurance financially protects a driver who is not a fault in an accident by paying for damages. It will protect the driver who is at fault from being sued for damages.

What is the miscellaneous charged by auto dealerships?

it is usually the shop supplies used on your vehicle eg: brake fluid top up, door greases, oxyacetylene and other sundries that are used in petite amounts

How many auto dealerships are in Kansas?

Due to the fact that car lots open up and close on a daily basis, this would be hard to give an exact reaction. You would be better off asking for a specific brand. This way you could find out via their website how many are located in that state.

Does express insurance only suggest auto insurance?

Express Insurance offers auto insurance along with homeowners insurance. There motto is direct savings and local service. Albeit they have stricter qualifications for their polices, they want to provide better service to the policyholder who qualify. They have a quick quote section section on their website that will help you compare rates quickly!

Is USAA auto insurance available only to those in the military?

no,that’s wrong,this is truth that USAA gives lot of advantages to military person because their work towards country, in a country like USA, military insurance person get lot of advantages of that, USAA is also suggested to non-military person also,non-military person can open bank checking account in USAA, yu have to just contact them,you can get memebership and then you can open regular bank checking account ,but USAA is not provided auto insurance or home insurance for non-military person,

Does USAA Auto Insurance only service military personel?

No, auto insurance is available to the families of military personnel as well. For example, your child, wifey, hubby, widow or widower could get auto insurance from USAA (as long as you had auto insurance from USAA and as long as they were legally eligible).

Who gives auto insurance quotes for numerous agencies?

Progressive auto insurance gives quotes from numerous insurance agencies. Quotes are often given in minutes.

Who gives the best auto insurance rates?

USAA gives the best auto insurance rates. If you can’t get USAA, attempt Progressive or Geico. Don’t go with the very first rate you get a quote for.

Can an auto dealership legally give you only Two days to get auto insurance?

Can you report Two incidents on one auto insurance claim?

Not exactly sure what you mean but here goes. If the “incidents” did not happen at the exact same moment then no you cannot make them on the same claim. They would be two seperate claims with two seperate deductibles and you would have two claims on your insurance record also. Puny claims are not worth claiming. If one is puny and doesn’t involve another party then the best thing is to work a deal out with the bod shop to pay for it while they are fixing the other claim. Usually they will fix a petite item for almost nothing as they will already have the paint and materials anyway. Don’t be dishonest with the adjuster or you could get in real trouble. Tell them upfront that it happened in another event. They can tell. For utter disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also worked as an agent for a direct writer for Three years before that.

DOES auto insurance COVER you or your auto?

It depends upon the kind of insurance to which you are referring. Physical harm coverage (collision and comprehensive) covers physical harm to the vehicle insured according to the policy terms. Liability insurance protects you from claims by third parties who may have sustained damages as a result of your careless in operating an insured vehicle. The scope of damages can be either property harm or bodily injury damages. Private Injury Protection insurance (often referred to as PIP or no-fault coverage) pays a portion of your own medical expenses and lost wages if you are injured in a collision. The insurance goes after the vehicle, not the driver, so if you are a driver in another vehicle, that person’s insurance is the primary insurance company unless their boundaries are too low and then the driver’s insurance company would provide excess coverage.

Is cargo insurance specific to possessed autos only?

No, you can purchase cargo insurance for your property while othersare hauling, or while on ships, etc. Might be more expensive thoughif they don’t know the risk of the driver. It CAN be written foronly your wielded vehicles however, check your policy and work with abroker who will spend the time understanding your needs andoperations.

Does auto direct give car insurance quotes?

“Yes, you can get car insurance quotes from Auto Direct. Either visit their company web site, or make a call to one of their agents. You can find your local agent by going to the yellow pages in your phone book.”

Can holder cancel insurance if car is inoperable for 6 months and auto is at dealership?

It depends on: .
Is the car financed? If it is the finance company will not permit the insurance to be cancelled .
Is the car likely to be driven or moved by the dealership? if so they must be notified before the insurance is cancelled. Other than that yes it can be cancelled. Warning! Vehicles that are left on the dealership property can be sold as abandoned in as little as 90 days. Is your car still there?

Can your gf be covered on your auto insurance if she is still legally married?

I’m not sure what you mean by covered. She needs to be listed as a driver if she drives any of your vehicles. You cannot add her vehicle to your policy if that is what you mean. No one can add a vehicle to their policy if the vehicle is not titled in their name. The only exception is spouse and wifey situations. Whether or not you are adulterous makes not difference to the insurance company indeed.

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Can you buy liability auto insurance for only one day in Fresh York?

Yes, Just rent a car for the day and ask for the car insurance with the rental rate.

What are three companies that will give an auto insurance quote?

It is always best to visit price comparison websites when looking for an auto insurance quote. However three companies that can give you a quote are Direct Line, Churchill and AXA.

Where can one look for an auto dealership?

Checking your local newspapers for dealership ads is a good place to commence. Autotrader is an utterly widely available company pretty much internationally and could find you a cheap deal on a fresh or used car.

Is it legal for a insurance company to auto renew an liability insurance policy in Connecticut?

I don’t think it violates Connecticut insurance regulations. But you should be able to cancel the policy and get a pro-rated refund or utter refund.

Is it a good idea to have legal insurance with your auto insurance?

Legal insurance is not the same as auto insurance; legal insurance is simply a retainer that is paid to an attorney or lawyer so that they can be help in counsel if they are needed. Auto insurance, depending on the level and premium paid, provides coverage in case of an accident.

Where is Hudson Auto dealership located?

The Hudson Auto dealership is located in many cities across the United States of America. Some of the states where Hudson Auto is located would be in Ohio or in South Carolina.

Can you have Two different auto insurances on two different cars?

Yes you most certainly can. I am fortunate enough to have four cars in my garage and they are all insured with different insurance companies

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