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What exactly does comprehensive auto coverage cover?

What exactly does comprehensive auto coverage cover?Non collision related harm or loss like theft and vandalism.

What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance covers theft, fire, vandalism, weather harm, riots, and other similar acts which may cause harm to a vehicle. Comprehensive auto insurance does not usually cover acts of God, theft or vandalism by family members or employees, contents of the vehicle, or harm due to improper maintenance. Comprehensive is Fire, Theft, and Vandalism (and also if you collide w/ an animal)

If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage?

Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused. Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third party involved’s insurance does not pay. Legally, car insurance is primary over health insurance.

If you accidentally harm your car other than by driving it will comprehensive coverage cover the damages?

You’d need to be more specific about how the harm occurred. Comprehensive coverage is, in fact, a very broad coverage under most auto policies, but it can get tricky depending on the facts-of-loss. If you’d like to put an addendum to your question on this site, I’d be blessed to look at it again… It depends. For example, flooding is one of those things usually not covered by insurance, even if “water harm” is. Flooding is typically defined as water at a certain level in the car (and surrounding area).

Will insurance cover a total loss to a total coverage auto when the car is covered by a individual policy yet the car is titled to the proprietor’s company?

Not sure I totally understand your question. Are you both the holder of the company (and the car), the car is titled to the company, but have the car insured as a private/non-business auto? What were the questions on the application? They ask about business use, if those weren’t answered honestly there could be a problem. Or are you telling the company ou work for wields the car, but you have to carry insurance on it? Same question about the application would apply. Please be more specific and I’m sure I could be of more assistance.

What does auto comprehensive insurance cover?

Reaction .
Comprehensive is Fire, Theft, and Vandalism (and also if you collide w/ an animal)

Does comprehensive coverage for auto insurance cover a hit and run of your parked car?

Response .
yes it does but you will be claiming off your own insurance and may liberate your no claims discount if you have one..
Response .
Yes it can be used but the deductible WILL apply, and your rates may increase if you put in a claim. (as unfair as that may sound)

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover harm from road debris?

Reaction .
It depends on the terms of the insurance and the type of harm to the vehicle. Contact your insurance agent for the terms of your insurance. In general, it should.

If you were in an auto accident and have only PLPD coverage on your vehicle will repair costs be covered?

PLPD is also known as liability. If YOU hit someone else’s car meaning that you are at fault, any repairs will come out of your own pocket because PLPD only covers damages for other vehicles. If you were not at fault it doesn’t matter what coverage you have because their insurance carrier (if they have one) should pay for your vehicle damages.

What is comprehensive auto insurance?

If you are in the process of quoting auto insurance, chances are the term comprehensive coverage has come up fairly often. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a coverage that will pay to repair or substitute your vehicle in the event of a covered loss up to the fair market value of the vehicle. Covered losses that fall under comprehensive include: fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and wind harm. Falling objects and hitting a live animal also fall under comprehensive. If you are financing your vehicle, you will be required to carry both comprehensive and collision coverages to please lender requirements. The state does not require comprehensive or collision coverage.

Will auto comprehensive cover harm to car caused by tire tread separation?

i would like a little more information here….are you telling that your tire separated, then your vehicle (due to the tire separation) was involved in an accident? if that is the question, would more than likely be under the collision coverage of your policy dependant upon what you hit rather than the comp coverage….also would typcially cover the insueing harm not the tire…in other words, the tire wouldn’t be covered, but rest of harm after the tire would be …..if you have a decent claims department they should investigate the tire for defects and possibly ‘subrogate’ the tire manufactor

Does utter coverage cover auto theft?

Response .
there truly is no such thing as ‘total coverage’, i know many people have heard and said this, if you have ‘comprehensive’ coverage on your vehicle that is the coverage that applies to this type of loss……..

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What is comprehensive coverage?

This is a general description; your policy or your insurance agent will be able to provide exact definitions of what is and isn’t covered..
Collision coverage means exactly what it says. It covers the cost to repair or substitute your vehicle when it is moving and involved in a crash: colliding with another vehicle, hitting a stationary object, etc..
Comprehensive covers most of the remaining ways your vehicle can get bruised: A tree falling on your vehicle, hail harm, flood harm, vandalism, someone crashing into your parked vehicle, etc.

What exactly does comprehensive auto coverage cover?

What do you mean by comprehensive coverage?

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE Auto insurance for the purpose of covering the cost of repair or replacement of the insured’s car in case of harm caused by something other than an accident. Comprehensive coverage often requires the payment of a deductible when a claim is made. Comprehensive may be required to qualify for a fresh car loan.

Does comprehensive coverage cover for a hit and run if you are moving?

Yes, comprehensive coverage covers your car if you are moving. Youwill need to contact your insurance company to see if you arerequired to pay a deductible.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover transmission work?

Not unless the transmission was bruised in an auto accident. Auto Insurance does not cover maintenance nor does it cover normal wear and rip.

Is there a deductible on comprehensive auto insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies do have a deductible for this kind of insurance. Most deductibles are 500. This can be a normal charge for a deductible.

Does comprehensive coverage cover black ice?

I’m assuming that your vehicle spun out on “black ice” and collided with something which makes the situation a collision and harm to your vehicle would only be covered by your collision coverage..
Generally speaking all drivers must maintain control of their vehicles at all times in all weather conditions. Most underwriters will not accept “weather” as the cause of the accident so in most cases if a driver hits something or someone after driving too quick for conditions then you will be at fault in that accident.

Does auto insurance comprehensive cover rodent harm?

currently going thru this. State Farm says they will cover, but don’t do anything to vehicle until they have an adjuster/claim rep assess harm

Does auto comprehensive insurance cover rodent harm?

Evidently some do. I just had the same problem and Progressive covers it under my comprehensive insurance. The deductible applies. It was categorized as not at fault so no effect on premium.

What does medical coverage on an auto insurance policy cover?

Medical bills for yourself and anyone else in your car in case of an accident

Does auto insurance comprehensive cover water harm?

water harm is only covered through total coverage if you have it and just so happens to run in a pond or something.

I am covered on my mothers auto insurance she has comprehensive if i drive someone elses car and get into an accident will i be covered?

you are covered ONLY if the proprietor of the car you are driving is insured for occasional drivers. Your mother’s insurance has nothing to with another ‘s person’s car that you have borrowed.

Sliding on ice covered by comprehensive?

No, comp usually covers impacts not caused on an influence from the surface of the ground. Comp will kick in due to items like a tree falling on the car, theft, a kid throwing a rock, hail harm, vandalism, flood harm and things like that.

Does my USAA auto deductible collision and or comprehensive policy cover damages from someones pushing my car with her car with my permission?

Idiot! Why do you think I asked the question? Do you think I would have spent the last three hours attempting to have you & your totally incompetent staff provide an reaction locally or beyond for me, had I had known the reaction? Refer yourself(ves) to the nearest mental institution or brain transplant hospital! BUT 1ST Reaction THE QUESTION! or refer it outside for an reaction.

Does a total coverage auto insurance in CA cover a totaled car in another state?

It depends on the company and policy. Some will deny it for “operating out of territory”. Others will cover it and then non-renew the policy for “operating out of territory”. There is no way to say for sure as it varies so much from company to company.

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What exactly does comprehensive auto coverage cover?

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover water harm due to roof leak?

NO, Your Auto Insurance does not cover maintenance or manufacturing quality issues. This could be a defect you might look to your auto warranty for correction.

What coverages stay on the policy when you have comprehensive coverage only?

When you have comprehensive coverage only, that is the total extent of the coverage provided by the insurer. That said, it is generally sold and purchased in conjunction with collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage usually affords protection for events that are not a result of a collision inbetween the insured vehicle and another object–events such as a tree falling on the vehicle, someone scraping the finish of the car with a key, or other forms of vandalism. In all events, it is distinct from collision coverage, which contemplates an influence inbetween the insured vehicle and another object. It is property harm coverage only, and pays nothing toward bodily injury or medical expenses, nor does it afford any sort of liability (indemnity) benefits. If the vehicle is financed, the lender will generally require that both collision and comprehensive coverages be maintained so as to preserve the value of the collateral (by having a source of funds with which to repair the vehcile).

Does comprehensive on my auto insurance cover theft?

Yes, as a rule and possibly in all known policies. If you have any doubts read your policy or call your agent.

Is backing up into a telephone pole is it covered under comprehensive or collision coverage?

This will be covered under the collision portion of your Auto Insurance policy. You collided with a telephone pole. Hence, Collision coverage would invoke.

What exactly is insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage refers to a sort of policy for which one pays premiums to ensure that they are helped should disaster strike. The most common coverage is auto insurance, where the insurance company will pay the cost of repairing a car should you have an accident.

Will your comprehensive portion of my auto insurance cover your bruised transmission if you went over a curb?

No, that would be a collision, and would be covered under the collision portion of the policy, and the collision deductible would apply. Collisions are also considered a chargeable claim for rating and insurability purposes.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover crashing into side rail because you had to avoid an oncoming vehicle swerving into your lane?

It would be covered as a collision claim not a comprehensive claim. IE; you “collided” with a guard rail.

What does comprehension mean in auto insurance?

It is other than collision insurance. It covers hail, stolen vehicle, hitting an animal, and vandalism.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover roll over due to black ice?

No. This would be a collision claim because all roll-overs no matter the cause are collision claims.

Will your comprehensive auto insurance cover your car if you were not at fault in the accident but other drivers insurance denies claim?

Let your insurance company/agent treat the claim–they will collect from the other insurance if there is a valid claim. You’ll need a police report.

Will homeowners insurance cover harm to a car without comprehensive coverage bruised by fallen tree.?

Homeowners policies specifically exclude harm to motorized vehicles with the exception of lawn mowers that are exclusively use for maintenance of the property. Also, golf carts are usually covered. Automobiles can only be covered by an auto policy that has physical harm coverage included.

Does utter coverage auto insurance cover auto repairs?

yes total coverage insurance covers auto repairs. It also covers maintinance and gas costs. Thats right fuktard, total coverage insurance is the only expense you will incure while driving. In some cases they will even pay speeding tickets for you!

What exactly does comprehensive auto coverage cover?

What is the difference inbetween total coverage auto insurance and comprehensive and collision insurance?

This is a good question. Utter coverage was a term that used to be used in insurance to describe a policy that had liability, comprehensive, collision and any other endorsements that the client desired such as rental coverage and whatever else. Due to it being the day of suing over everything we don’t use the term any more because too many attorneys have wooed people that utter coverage had to mean every possible coverage that there is and then some even tho’ the person knew what they bought. No individual responsibility for reading the policy or at least the declarations summary page, just sue. So now we don’t say total coverage any more, we name each coverage separately.

Will comprehensive auto insurance cover a claim if a tow truck damages your car in transit?

I would say that the tow truck is liable for this claim. This is also what your insurance company will say even if they go ahead and pay the claim to keep you blessed. Most of the time your company will pay then they will subrogate against the responsible party. If you have comp and collision then their is no issue. If you have comp and not collision then issue of what happened may come into play.

Is there a deductible on comprehensive coverage auto insurance?

Usually there is a deductible on comprehensive coverage auto insurance. The deductible can range in different amounts usually from 0 to $1000 or even higher if it is a very expense vehicle.

How significant is it for comprehensive insurance coverage to be listed on free auto insurance quotes?

It is significant for comprehensive insurance coverage to be listed on a free auto insurance quote, so a person can get an accurate quote. A person would not want to expect to pay one amount and have to pay more.

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What kind of damages does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance will cover a driver for car accidents and injury caused by them. It will also cover harm from weather incidents, vandalism and fire, as well as theft.

What is the meaning of comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive insurance coverage is basically accomplish coverage of a vehicle. It helps pay for losses due to theft, fire, or any other losses not coming form a collision.

Is there a comprehensive Auto liability policy?

There are many different types of insurance policies to choose from, including comprehensive and liability. When choosing a policy, be sure to consider the cost and your basic needs.

Where can one buy comprehensive auto insurance coverage?

One can buy comprehensive auto insurance at pretty much any company that specializes in insurance policies. Some of the most popular companies include State Farm, Progressive, Allstate and Esurance.

What is included in comprehensive auto insurance coverage?

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage covers the different types of events or accidents cause by falling objects, animals, extreme weather, theft, vandalism or riots. But it does not apply to any types of accidents with other cars.

What coverages do you have to have on a auto utter coverage plan?

There indeed is no such thing as utter coverage and insurance companies certainly do not use this term. It is an old term that was used to mean you had physical harm coverage in addition to liability on your insurance. Normally it meant that you had comprehensive and collision coverage. Now there are many different coverages that you can add to your policy but still if you buy everything that is available it still doesn’t mean that every example that comes up you are covered.

Does your total coverage auto insurance cover vehicle in tow as well?

The vehicle being towed has to have physical harm coverage itself in order to be covered for harm. A vehicle towing another vehicle does transfer the liability insurance to the trailer or object it is legally towing but the physical harm done to the object being towed does not transfer.

What auto coverage covers bruised GPS?

There are tons of them, one of them being telematic insurance, theother being progressive insurance. There are others, but it dependson your area.

Is a bruised key covered by my comprehensive auto insurance?

Most likely not. The main reason is that the cost to substitute a key will not be enough to exceed whatever deductible you have. The main issue to consider on any claim is what caused the loss and the claim must be caused by a covered loss.

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